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Shimao International Plaza Shanghai

The high-rise project for the Wan Xiang International Plaza Company in Shanghai was awarded 1st prize in an international competition in 1995. The site is in the centre of Shanghai on Nanjing Road in the immediate vicinity of the People’s Gardens. Approx.1,5 million passers-by daily through the largest commercial street in China. A spacious public plaza is planned on Nanjing Road. From the plaza, you can reach the adjacent department store and the offices in the high-rise over a transparent multi-level access area that runs on the diagonal. The 53-storey and 318 m high building, based on a triangular plan, was developed for hybrid use incorporating shopping areas, flexible office space, restaurants and rooftop gardens. Its architectonic image is created by the structure of diagonal struts parsing up the front of the facade.

  • Location
  • Shanghai, China
  • Built
  • international competition 1995, 1st prize

    Planning 1995 - 1999

    Realisation 2002 - 2006

    After the Asian market crash 1999, Chinese architects took over the project. Construction and facade details have been strongly simplifie