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Private House at Lake Zurich

This private house is situated at a plunged hillside on the west side of Lake Zurich. Therefore on the Northeast of the house three stories are visible whereas on the Southwest and towards the garden only the two upper floors can be seen. The Heart of the house is the central, two story high kitchen and dining space, which can be opened and enlarged towards the lake as well as to the garden through sliding doors. Aside the entrance area, the living space and two working rooms are grouped at ground floor. The rooms are separated mainly through closet and lightweight construction elements.

The first floor can also be reached from the central space. A staircase climbs up to a small steel bridge that connects the two wings of the house with each two bedrooms and a bathroom. A wooden covered loggia stands in front of the bedrooms on the northeastern side of the house and thus towards the lake. Standing here or on the balcony underneath one sees the real beauty: a magnificent 180° view from Zurich in the north to the peaks of the Alps in the south.

  • Location
  • Lake Zurich, Switzerland
  • Built
  • 2001

    GFA 912 m²
    3 stories