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Guggenheim Helsinki

The new Guggenheim Helsinki is fit into the urban grid with a strong connection to the historic city center and the South Harbour. It is defined by a horizontal platform and paths like elastic straps resulting from an urbanistic analysis and finally cut by a sharp scissor and lifted up. The new museum does not block any views from Eteläranta and faces the South Harbour, the Observatoriebergets Park continues unobstructed being connected with the Guggenheim plot by curved pedestrian footpathes. The roof is nestled in the Helsinki waterfront. A white canvas, plain, slim, inconspicuous – like a sheet of paper, with two sides. One side faces towards the outside, the second side is turned inwards, its messages being beamed to the visitors. Guggenheim uses the roof to communicate through light. LED's allow for flexible display, the messages can even be recognized from the air: Guggenheim communicating with the world.

  • Location
  • Helsinki, Finland
  • Built
  • International competition 2014