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Gate to Venice

There are two possibilities to get to Venice: from the lagoon or across the bridge Ponte della Libertà. Those who instead of coming by ship take the car or train cover the relatively long distance on Ponte della Libertà and get in return an impression of the uniqueness of the city. The competition plot is located at the end of the bridge on the site of a former railway depot.

With this project the city of Venice solves two problems at one fell swoop: on the one hand the project puts the traffic entrance from Piazzale Roma to the offshore island, Isola del Tronchetto, and on the other hand it generates the refurbishment of the entire quarter.

The project receives it’s conceptual as well as formal coherence through a continuous roofscape referring with its smooth wavelike shape to the calmness of the lagoon. The roofscape is much more than just a roof with different functions underneath [a car park, a hotel, offices, a multifunctional stage space, shops, etc.]. The roofscape is even more a large green city park

  • Location
  • Venice, Italy
  • Built
  • international competition 2007

    GFA 33.200 m²
    3 Stories