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Institute of Organic Chemistry Heidelberg University

The new building for The Institute of Organic Chemistry of Heidelberg University is successfully completed in 2016. It helps strengthen the urban design of the campus on Neuenheimer Feld by framing the view corridor and pedestrian connection from the nearby Neckar river. The building replaces an existing structure that no longer meets the demands for a modern laboratory. Just like the existing structure, the new building also will connect to an existing “spine”: This multi-level corridor connects several existing buildings, which stand perpendicular like arms on either side of the “spine”. Later on, several of these six existing buildings could be replaced by new ones. They create little courtyards between them and their room are oriented towards these courtyards.

The building for lab work in the area of an-organic chemistry, the so-called “Building 275” has four floors and two levels for HVAC. All labs are arranged along a central corridor. “Joints” lead people from the existing Spine-Building to the new Building and are used as meeting points for students and teachers. An opening over several floors allows for interesting visual connections at these meeting points. While the labs are designed for focused work, the seminar rooms are designed to be very inviting.

All labs are similarly equipped. At both ends of the building there are cores for the provision of the labs with different media and services. The lower floor is only partly covered with earth, which allows for natural lighting and the blending of the building into the surrounding garden of the landscaped campus.

In front of the horizontal strip windows there is a secondary facade made up of steel balconies that are used for egress and give the facade more depth. The building has a simple, distinctive, rectangular shape and is wrapped in a screen that extends well over the top floor.

The building aims for a high rating according to the standards of the “Deutsche Gesellschaft für Nachhaltiges Bauen” [DGNB].

  • Location
  • Heidelberg, Germany
  • Built
  • 2011-2016

    GFA: 4.650 m²