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Burda Car Park, Offenburg

Upon completion of the Burda Media Park and concentration of several locations from Offenburg and Baden-Baden the demand of the publishing house for parking space increased. In direct surrounding of the new building different possibilities were examined on the working site and adjoining properties. Quite expeditiously, the undeveloped area near the entrance of Offenburg between Hauptstraße and the high-rise, which is currently under refurbishment by Ingenhoven Overdiek Architekten as well, turned out to be a convenient place. There, in a prominent position at the entrance of the city, a light and subtle solution has been found, fitting the project full-scale into the landscape.

The parking block is circular with a diameter of 60 m. In the middle zone the entrance ramps as well as pedestrian development are located. On five levels 474 parking spaces are available. The access to the parking garage is on the lowest level of the site. The vertical development is arranged for vehicles in such a way that through two spiral ramps, crossing each other, ascending and descending is possible independently of each other, overcoming full floor height with a 180° rotation.

Apart from the exceptional façade design the compact construction method of the naturally ventilated parking block is a distinctive feature. Through inner ramps and the staircase, all vertical developments are integrated into the overall. The static system consists of a continuous radial exposed concrete core with the inserted opening ramps. The core also serves the stiffening of the building. The different parking decks are made in system construction from prefabricated steel columns and beams, which are arranged radially in an angle of 11,25° around the concrete core. The floor slabs are fabricated as built-up construction of prefabricated elements of reinforced concrete. Basing on system construction elements the building could be realized quickly and economically fulfilling high designing requirements.

Like a veil the semi-transparent suspended cable façade covers the building. The façade consists of prefabricated cable elements, hanging in round timbers prepared by system holders. The round timbers are made of Oregon Pine, turning into a silvergrey colour over the years due to being directly exposed to weather.

Clips of stainless steal are mechanically fixed on the prefabricated cable elements. They are of punched plate and act as system holders. To the various floors of the parking level the cables are fixed by swinging clips in horizontal direction in order to reduce the deformation caused by wind. The pergola is constructed analog to the façade, the various cables being stretched from the reinforced concrete core to the outer compression ring. With two additional steel rings, concurrently serving to hold the lighting, the dynamic deformation of the system is statically appeased and stabilized.

The attention and acceptance this building receives is as well due to the fact that it functions as a public space: open, light, beautiful, inviting.

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  • Offenburg, Germany