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Am Oberwiesenfeld Munich

A city for all

Photovoltaics and smart use of district heating, cradle-to-cradle approach, and communal garden

The design sets “new standards in architectural and urban development”, according to Prof. Dr. Elisabeth Merk, Planning Commissioner of the City of Munich. The former industrial site, long closed, will now be opened up, and the urban space of the Olympic Park will be expanded to the north according to a new concept. The project upholds high sustainability standards, which reflect the goal of the City of Munich to be carbon neutral by 2030. The consumption of energy and natural resources will be considered over the buildings’ entire life cycle and minimized as far as possible.

Already during the construction phase, the use of recycled concrete, among other things, will reduce carbon emissions by up to 25 percent. Photovoltaics installed on the roofs and parts of the facades, combined with smart use of district heating, will enable the creation of a climate-neutral, energy-efficient neighbourhood. Taking a cradle-to-cradle design approach will ensure that building materials will go on to have a second life. The sophisticated green concept includes green roofs, planted curved balconies, and a large communal garden accessible to all residents of the new quarter. Giving back as much green as possible to the city, which improves the urban microclimate and counteracts the urban heat island effect in city centres, is a key priority at ingenhoven architects.

“We want to build a city, not a settlement. We are pursuing a very long-term perspective,” said Dr. Jürgen Büllesbach, Managing Director at OPES. OPES Immobilien GmbH, which is backed by the Munich-based entrepreneur Heinz Hermann Thiele, will keep the properties of the new quarter in its portfolio over the long term and also manage them. In accordance with Munich’s Socially Equitable Land Use regulations (SoBoN), 40 percent of the housing will be state subsidised or rent-capped. This will ensure a lively mix of residents reflecting a broad cross-section of the population. 

Team: Christoph Ingenhoven, Martin Reuter, Moritz Krogmann, Myung-Hun Ha, Alexia Pusch, Anh Dung Trinh, Tanju Coskun, Dariusz Szczygielski, Stefan Boenicke, Thanh Dang

  • Location
  • Am Oberwiesenfeld, 80809 Munich
  • Built
  • Construction is scheduled to begin in 2022, with expected completion in 2027.