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"1 unit" worldwide

In 2011, long before the current political situation forced millions of people to flee their home countries for shelter in Europe, ingenhoven architects contributed a design for a mobile container system named “1unit” to an exhibition in the NRW-Forum in Düsseldorf. The container system reuses existing shipping containers creating habitable spaces. The system can be used in disaster areas all over the world as a multi-functional unit. Now in the context of the biggest refugee movement for decades, “1unit” takes on a central significance.
The system – if necessary – can be easily transported by sea or overland by train. The containers can be set up very quickly and provide various functions such as water treatment and energy production. They are versatile and may serve as a shelter, clinic or school. The containers can be combined to create smaller two storied units or to create even larger settlements. In order to use existing resources, the equipment is modulated in advance and can efficiently be brought to the containers located in the country of destination. With minimal effort, the local technical or medical know-how in the disaster areas can be used reasonably. The majority of the containers can be transported a short distance. Equipped with wind turbines and/or photovoltaic panels, the multi-functional units are small “power stations”, producing electricity which they store in integrated batteries. The roof areas can be covered with greenery or serve as collectors for rainwater, whilst movable screens guarantee privacy and safety for the interior rooms. Textile roofs between every second container create new, shaded spaces externally and protect people from adverse weather conditions.

  • Location
  • Düsseldorf, Germany
  • Built
  • Design for a mobile container system

    Exhibition 2011

    NRW-Forum Düsseldorf