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Toranomon, Tokyo's vertical garden city – completed

Two impressive new companions now flank Toranomon Hills Tower, one of Tokyo’s tallest skyscrapers. The new business tower has 36 floors and is 185 metres high. Meanwhile, the new residential tower has 54 floors and is 220 metres high – making it Japan’s tallest residential skyscraper. The two new towers integrate well into the surrounding urban district yet remain strikingly individual in their design. Taking up the greenery of the adjacent parks, they fan out towards the ground floor zone in lively contrast to the nearby architecture. With green balconies, terraces, and a new public green plateau above street level, they achieve a green replacement ratio of 64.5% and a CASBEE “S” rating.

At the end of January, the residential tower will open in the presence of the developers and residents. A grand opening ceremony will follow as soon as the pandemic allows.

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