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New town hall Freiburg: Completed

World’s first public net-surplus-energy building—it generates more energy than it consumes.

The first construction phase of the new town hall in Freiburg im Breisgau with its administration center and day nursery is the world’s first public building built to the net-surplus-energy standard and accommodates the 840 employees of the City Administration under one roof.

The new administration center, which is part of the town hall extension for the City of Freiburg, is designed to provide a stimulus for upgrading the Stühlinger area of Freiburg in terms of town planning and urban design, and to provide a green belt link between Eschholz Park and the University Hospital. The winning entry by ingenhoven architects to the 2013 international architectural competition embodies the principles of openness and transparency and incorporates a "green campus" concept, in which three building tracts and a day nursery are combined. The ensemble of the new town hall buildings is integrated in the green space between Eschholz Park and the University Hospital—the linking effect is reinforced by vistas and a public pathway network. By increasing the public space at Fehrenbachallee, space has been opened up for a new address, thereby creating an attractive public city square. The main entrance to the new building is situated opposite the existing building. The second construction phase will create additional oval buildings providing workplaces for the City’s administration.

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