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In dialogue: Christoph Ingenhoven and Patrik Schumacher

“Convergence of Analogue and Digital—Architecture in the Age of Digital Representation“
Thursday, 19 October 2017, 7 pm
Banking Hall, Central London

Christoph Ingenhoven and Patrik Schumacher, Zaha Hadid Architects, London, present their visions:

Digitalization is transforming all industries. Analogue and digital spaces merge, and with them the relation between human, machine and space. The realm of architecture is changing dramatically too. This development will have a tremendous impact on how buildings will be designed and used. Architecture as a whole will need to reinvent itself. Who—or what—will design and build a house in 30 years? Are increasingly digital design and production processes a chance for architects to head in a new direction?

As part of the GROHE “trends theses typologies dialogues“, Christoph Ingenhoven and Patrik Schumacher will give answers to the issues that concern all of us!

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