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ingenhoven architects as an example of "German Contemporary Excellence"

ingenhoven architects features in the book "German Contemporary Excellence", published by the Meisterkreis-Deutschland in cooperation with the German Foreign Office in Berlin. The aim of the project is to provide an understanding of the German companies and institutions, which stand for the highest creativity and perfection, craftsmanship, technology and hospitality, in an overall exhibition abroad. The star photographer Jim Rakete has staged the personalities, companies and products in black and white photographs.

The book is a limited edition with only printed 2,000 copies (Steidl Verlag) and is not available commercially. It is shown in the context of a hiking exhibition, which will take place in the next two years in around 40 cities including Shanghai, Moscow, Tokyo, Paris and London. The exhibition presents the individually curated photographs of Jim Rakete with texts by more than 30 authors, including former ministers of culture, writers, critics and musicians, with their different backgrounds and approaches, providing very personal memories or tributes to the individuales featured in the book.

ingenhoven architects is the only architectural office of the 70 companies, institutions and people who have been chosen by the Meisterkeis-Deutschland for the project. The architectural critic Niklas Maak writes about the architect: „It is no small feat by Christoph Ingenhoven to have proved that ecology, sustainability, and resource-friendly building can look exciting, glitzy, futuristic, light, and elegant – that ecology doesn’t just mean doing without, and can instead mean that focusing on what’s necessary can bring a new lightness and freedom.“

Photo: © Jim Rakete

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