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Refurbishment of the first Silo in Düsseldorf’s Plange Mühle Campus successfully completed

The refurbishment and gutting of the listed silo plant in Düsseldorf, formerly used as a grain storage facility, was successfully completed in December 2016 and converted into an office and commercial Building.

At the beginning of the 20th century, Georg Plange's dynamic expansion led to the decision to build another production site in Düsseldorf's harbor. In 1906, the solemn inauguration of the "Weizenmühle Georg Plange" took place there. In 1923 the cylindrical concrete silos were supplemented in a simple cubic form. The design was designed by architects Wach and Roskotten. The clear ranking of these large forms is typical of the new construction of the 1920s. The building set consisting of various building parts, including the wooden silo, was greatly altered by reconstruction after the Second World War and by ongoing conversions to the production adjustment. Nevertheless, some building parts have the original building structure. For example, the clock tower, the old locksmith's shop as well as the wooden silo are protected as historic Monuments.

The preservation and renovation of the original façade, lattice windows, existing walls, bridge, arches and the tower in close coordination with the monument protection were the focus of the first silo project. The inner part of the silo, the roof and the plaster panels were sensitively restored.

The brick building shows high-quality industrial architecture with clear references to classical modernism in an exciting combination between old and new.

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