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ingenhoven architects declare

ingenhoven architects will join the worldwide collective Architects Declare Climate Breakdown and Biodiversity Emergency as a founding member of its German wing!

Our world is under siege by a climate and a biodiversity crisis and the collective considers both as the biggest problems of our time. Buildings and the construction thereof play an important part, as they account for around 40% of all carbon dioxide emissions. Architects Declare calls upon architects and clients to complete a paradigm shift, towards a regenerative, self-sufficient, ecologically sustainable architecture. ingenhoven architects is a founding member of the collective’s German branch! In general, the collective aims to: raise awareness concerning the twin crises, a faster transition to regenerative solutions, share and distribute knowledge, evaluate new projects according to the collective’s goals and encourage clients to do the same, augment existing structures as a CO2-saving alternative to new buildings, take buildings’ life cycle into account more, integrate more sustainable design principles, reduce building waste further by furthering cooperation between contractors, engineers and clients, further the use of ecologically responsible materials and reduce resource squandering.

The German wing’s 10 founding members are:

ANCB The Aedes Metropolitan Laboratory
BHL Building Health Lab
ENAH European Network Architecture for Health
ingenhoven architects
Kéré Architecture
Max Dudler
Nickl & Partner Architekten

We call upon all architects to join this initiative!

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Our supergreen®-approach

As a pioneer in the area of sustainable architecture, ingenhoven architects enthusiastically supports these goals. Nowadays, more than 18 % of the world’s population inhabits the 16 largest cities, thereby producing more than 80% of worldwide CO2-emissions. The pressure on our planet is mounting mercilessly. ingenhoven architects’ corporate identity is rooted intimately in an econeutral approach. Christoph Ingenhoven and his supergreen®-approach focus on holistic sustainability, aesthetics, health and psychological balance. By combining the most modern materials, building techniques and designs, we manage to make an important contribution to combatting the global climate crisis.

In our ever more hectic world, human beings do not only need retention of body heat. Fresh air, a healthy office climate and – ever more important – a feeling of peace. To do so, we decided to dissolve artificially imposed borders between people and nature: This is our philosophy. We apply this holistic concept in projects of varying sizes and typologies, all around the globe.

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