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Digital exhibition "Greening the City", 23.01.–11.07.2021

"Greening the City", German Architecture Museum, Frankfurt

The exhibition is dedicated to the greening of buildings’ outer shells. Can plants incorporated into facades in cities create a better climate? Can GREEN in architecture reduce heat generation, lower the release of fine dust particles, cut city noise levels – and enhance one aspect that is important but hard to quantify, namely human wellbeing? Countless studies prove that changes occur in the factors influencing the urban climate as soon as GREEN conquers not just parks, courtyards and front gardens, but also the architecture. Rarely were green spaces as sought after in the direct proximity of cities than since the confrontation with COVID-19 and the related restricted radius of movement. Moreover, it is time to develop architecture as regards green surfaces, to explore the outer shells of buildings in terms of the opportunities for vertical or horizontal urban greening, to augment cityscapes and focus on GREEN not just in light of ecological aspects.

GREENING THE CITY views itself as a call for projects and an engine and seeks to encourage interaction based on the results of technological research, design and garden landscaping from the viewpoint of the users. Alongside the scientific perspective, the exhibition also highlights the technological possibilities and practical issues. It presents successful green(ed) buildings from Düsseldorf to Milan to Singapore, exploring tried-and-true systems and completely new ideas.

The museum is closed until 14.02.21 due to the corona virus. Pictures of the projects and the exhibition itself can be found online: 


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