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Christoph Ingenhoven participates in the 3rd Real Estate Forum Düsseldorf 2019

Sustainable high-rises! On Wednesday, April 10, 2019, the 3rd Real Estate Forum will take place in the Hyatt Regency Düsseldorf. The Forum is about future prospects for the real estate market in Düsseldorf.
Christoph Ingenhoven will be a speaker in the category "skyscrapers: undiscovered potentials". The skyscraper of the future must be carbon free, cradle to cradle, passive, net zero and net plus. Ingenhoven will talk about finding the extracurricular and ask what the skyscraper can do for all of us. It’s about giving back: creating public space and gaining biodiversity.
The central questions of the meeting are:
How do you preserve the important open spaces, cultural offers and "heart variety" that characterize Düsseldorf as an attractive living space?
How is Düsseldorf becoming "urban" and not "built-up"?
The land potential in the state capital is getting scarce and as efficient as possible. Space-saving concepts such as micro-living and building construction have been trumps for project developers for quite some time. And yet: the rental and purchase price trend rises steeply upwards.
The political decision-makers of the provincial capital are seeking a solidarity with the real estate industry in order to counter the enormous demand with a corresponding range of residential, office and commercial space.
The "construction boom" should continue, the internal development has priority over the external development. Consequently, the city will get denser and denser starting from the center.
ingenhoven architects are looking forward to sharing their visions for the state capital with experts, market experts and thought leaders.

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