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Award for the faculty of Mathematics at Karlsruhe University

On Friday, July 7, 2018 the mathematical institute of the University of Karlsruhe, which was rebuilt and renovated by ingenhoven architects, received an award. The award was presented in the category "Public Buildings" in the context of the awarding process "Exemplary Building City of Karlsruhe 2012-2018".

The jury stated: "A radiant, soothing atrium with lots of light, pleasant climate and high quality of stay lets forget the musty, dark study buildings of past generations. Here is room for reflection and meditation. The learning islands around the newly covered atrium, created by the refurbishment, ensure an inspiring study atmosphere. The exemplary handling of the building fabric and the naturalness of the new materials create a convincing spatial experience."

The procedure was carried out by the Chamber of Architects under the patronage of Mayor Frank Mentrup together with the city of Karlsruhe to discuss the quality of the built environment. The aim of the procedure was to find well-designed architecture from all areas of life and to give further impulses for the positive development of the building culture in the city through successful examples.

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