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Stadtwerke, Düsseldorf

This administration building for a local utility company integrates an old turbine hall and other historic buildings of the former Flingern power station.

Four office wings, three of them double-loaded, have been built on the site of the original boiler house and are separated from the existing buildings by a glazed atrium. The spaces between the individual wings are glazed over to guarantee a maximum of daylight for the flexible-use offices. Steel bridges connect the buildings with one another. The office spaces are arranged to take advantage of the winter garden concept of the fully-glazed atria. The project provides space for some 800 employees. Planting in the atria improves the micro-climate, providing users with open spaces that can be enjoyed independent of the weather.

All offices face an atrium and are fully glazed. Office windows can be opened to the inner gardens throughout the year. The atria serve as a buffer that regulates the building’s temperature. They are naturally ventilated through large air vents in the front façades as well as through the roof.

  • Location
  • Düsseldorf, Germany
  • Built
  • competition 1998, 1st prize
    completion 2004

    GFA 27.500 m²