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Energies—Ingenhoven Overdiek and Partners

Energies—Ingenhoven Overdiek and Partners
Feireiss, Kristin (Ed.)
Birkhäuser Publishers, Basel Boston Berlin 2002
ISBN: 978-3-7643-6667-4

The "Energies" publication has comprehensively illustrated the work of Ingenhoven Overdiek and Partners for the first time. The essays give an introduction to the working methods of the practice, and place it in the context of the international architectural scene and history. The most important projects are discussed in the monograph in four subjects: the "World of work" chapter shows innovative designs for office and industrial workplaces, for example the new head office of Burda Publishers. Some of the most spectacular buildings in the "Resources and ecology" chapter are the high-rise RWE building in Essen, the Wan Xiang International Plaza in Shanghai, and the design for the new headquarters of Commerzbank in Frankfurt. The chapter "Mobility" for the first time presents an extensive account of the design for the new Stuttgart main railway station. The latest projects, such as the department store at Lübecker Markt and the planned Central Park Berlin, are discussed under the "City and landscape" heading.