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Ingenhoven Overdiek and Partners: Central Park Berlin

Ingenhoven Overdiek and Partners: Central Park Berlin
Feireiss, Kristin; Commerell, Hans-Jürgen (Ed.)
Aedes Architecture Forum, Berlin 2000

"Is there any place more beautiful than this to reflect on Europe?" Christoph Ingenhoven wants to cut the Gordian knot surrounding the discussion of what to do with the Schlossplatz area, and to calm nerves— with a park replacing the Schlossplatz and the Marx-Engels forum. Like Central Park in Manhattan, a park between Unter den Linden and Alexanderplatz should develop an independent life. The idea is to create an interim solution that bridges a moratorium, at the end of which would be the decision to either develop the Schlossplatz area with a really useful, necessary, and appropriate range of buildings, or retain the park in perpetuity.

From February 17 to April 12, 2001, the Aedes Architecture Forum in Berlin showed an exhibition under the same name and, at the same time, called for a moratorium encouraging friends of architecture, citizens, and visitors to lend their support.