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General Planning

Any project’s success depends on the quality of the members of the project team, their ambition and the positive partnership throughout the entire process. When managing a complex project, it is important that the disparate and talented forces are unified into a whole that is bigger than the sum of its parts. As an architectural office with an extensive background of managing large scale projects, we have a 30year experience of leading world class design teams - making complex projects easy to handle for the client with us being the one point of contact.

We have been general planners for projects like the European Investment Bank Building in Luxembourg, the Gateway University College Dublin in Ireland and the Swarovski Headquarters in Zurich – with responsibility for the complete design package. We have high ambitions for what we do, this includes our responsibility for the client`s budget, time constraints and functional needs. The success of our previous international projects and the satisfaction of our clients give proof of our ability to comply with local conditions and perform globally. In all our projects we delivered the full range of disciplines and design, including interior design, furnishing and landscaping.

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